How do I get set-up with Jornaya Intelligence?

How do I get set-up with Jornaya Intelligence? 

Jornaya Intelligence (formerly known as LeadiD Audit) is a paid service with Jornaya; as such you should start by connecting with our Sales Team ( so that you can negotiate an SOW.  

During that process, you will be assigned an Account Manager and Implementation Manager who will assist you with specific details on your  setup.  

In the meantime, you can follow these basic steps and prepare your account for Jornaya Services. Please do not setup or install the API prior to being assigned an Implementation Manager.  

A. Store LeadiDs: set a field within your LMS/CRM to store a 36 character alphanumeric value (known as the LeadiD token or Universal LeadiD). We commonly recommend "universal_leadid". 

B. Create at least (1) Audit profile

  1. Login to the Jornaya Portal - 
  2. Go to Intelligence --> My Profiles 
  3. Click the orange "Add new Profile" button 
  4. Name it, select the Industry, and Save it. That's all! 

C. What to expect from here: as mentioned, you will be connected with an Implementation Manager who will provide you with a Setup Kit specific to your organization and services. At which time you will receive the fields that are required for your API Post to Jornaya, as well any AppMarketplace Apps that need to be installed (such as TCPA Guardian).

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