How can I further resolve the TCPA Guardian response for Disclosure Mismatch?

In some instances, it may not be obvious why certain disclosure language is mismatching. For example, a publisher may have shared all the TCPA languages they believe are being displayed, and the client may have added these languages to their audit profile. However, the client is still receiving TCPA mismatches on leads from this particular publisher. This could mean two things (please be sure you resolve all scenarios for #1 before considering #2):

  1.  The publisher may not be aware of all the language they or their sub-affiliates are displaying on their pages. 

    • Clients should ensure that their vendors are sharing all languages on their own pages and languages on the pages of their sub-affiliates.

    • Sellers should ensure that they are sharing all languages present on their pages and all languages on the pages of their sub-affiliates with the advertiser/brand who is purchasing their leads.

  2. A special and/or unprintable character may be present in the TCPA language on the lead creator’s page.

If you are having difficulty determining why your language is mismatching against your clients version, especially because products like Text-compare ( do not show any discernable differences, you should consider the possibility that you have special or unprintable characters in your disclosure language.

  • A special character in the TCPA language where the lead is created can cause a mismatch. Special characters commonly occur when copying/pasting from Microsoft products (i.e Word and Excel).
  • An example of a special character is a smart quote [’] (as opposed to a straight quote ['] ) which can cause mismatches if used in the TCPA language where the lead is created
  • For more information on what characters should and should not be in used in TCPA language please follow this link.
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