What does the Jornaya Campaign script do?

The Jornaya campaign script is designed to work asynchronously in the background and not interfere with the user experience. When the page loads and the script fires, a LeadiD Token is generated. 

In addition to the token generation, the script will collect the initial state of all the form fields on the page and also capture the elements of the DOM of the page. These calls are part of what is required to handle TCPA Guardian responses and Visual Playback. The script will also collect information about the DOM and the device. 

As the user progresses through a form, on each blur event with a form field (when the user leaves the field) we will execute a call to our server to send us the data that the user entered. We will continue this way with each interaction the user takes. At the same time we will also collect updates to the DOM as changes are made. This is a separate call to our servers. 

None of these steps will result in a delay on submission of the form. You may see some of our calls taking a long time to execute. This is expected as some of the data we are sending back is fairly large and we are intentionally ensuring that we aren't interfering with the user experience or impacting website operations.

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