How do I test my API Integration?

Following these steps will ensure all test data is excluded from Production tables and will remain separate from data analysis. 

  1. Notify the Jornaya Support team ( with the timeframe of your testing period and the reason for the testing (i.e is it due to internal changes, or a result of business decisions to be made from the Jornaya data). This ensures Testing is enabled for your account.  

  2.  Include the test parameter in the API call (&test=1) 

    NOTE: if ‘&test=1’ is not included exactly as &test=1, data will be written to Production tables.

  3. Ensure that you use different LeadiD tokens for each API call throughout your testing. Best practice is to not perform a query on the same LeadiD more than 5 times. 

  4. Send the LeadiD(s) that were part of the test to the Jornaya Support Team (  

    Please be sure to wait for confirmation from the Support Team prior to launching the changes into Production.

IMPORTANT: AppMarketplace responses are not available when using the Test Parameter (&test=1). 


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