What does it mean when an Intelligence response is Blocked?

When the Value result field (e.g. total_entities) is either not returned at all in the API response, OR if it is returned with a -1, that means that the data point is being blocked in some capacity.  

There are two ways that a Lead Generator can enable the blocking of a Jornaya Intelligence response: 

  • Derived Data Element 
  • Derived Data Element Value   

Derived Data Element blocking: prevents the auditor from receiving the value and the associated flag for the blocked element in their audit response. 

This results in missing basic responses for that specific data point (i.e the Value and the Flag, such as "total_entities" and "total_entities_rule") and instead returns the responses that include the "_blocked" items: 

  • "total_entities_blocked": 1 
  • "total_entities_blocked_rule": 3 

  Derived Data Element Value blocking: prevents the auditor from receiving the value for a derived data element, but the associated rule for that derived data element will be returned in the audit response. 

To be more precise, a -1 means that only the Value was blocked, but your Flag (or Rule) for that data point was not blocked. The response (using Entities as an example) would therefore look like this: 

  • "total_entities": -1 
  • "total_entities_rule": 1, 2 or 3 


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