How do I get set-up with the Jornaya Campaign script?

First, make sure you have at least one Campaign per lead type - Web & Call Center campaigns require different scripts. You access this via the Jornaya Member Portal under "Campaigns" and then "My Campaigns". 

Then, follow these steps to generate, implement and test your Jornaya Campaign script(s): 

  1. CAMPAIGN: To create a new campaign, click the button to “Add new {type} Campaign”, enter a name, select the Industry and Save it.  
  2. CODE: Click on the “Get Code” link of the Campaign you are going to implement (Jornaya Member Portal → Create → My Campaigns → Get Code). Follow these instructions to add the code to your sites.
  3. TCPA: Be sure to follow the instructions all the way through the TCPA section, especially if you are (or are working with) a TCPA Guardian client. 
  4. TEST: Use these articles to test your implementation. 
  5. POST: Coordinate with your buyers on how to include the unique values generated by this field with the leads you post to them. 


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