I just created an account, why can't I log into the Jornaya Member Portal?

Please understand that a New Account submission follows this process:
  1. You filled out the form at http://signup.leadid.com/.
  2. You confirmed your information via the Confirmation Email message.  
  3. Our team has received your submission and manually approved the Account.
You will not be able to login until these three steps are completed in this order. Please note that resetting the password will not work.

Here is some additional information about what happens in some of these steps and why you may have not (yet) completed the process:

#1: You filled out the Contact Us form and not the Sign Up form.

#2: Sometimes the email that we send just after you sign up gets lost in junk or spam, so new accounts are in limbo and cannot login.
Please contact support@jornaya.com so they can forward a copy of the missing email and continue the process.

#3: If you did receive this email, please understand that your account still needs a final verification from our Team, and it will be reviewed within our Support hours (8:30am - 5:30pmEST, M-F).






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