Why am I producing duplicate LeadiD tokens?

Every lead event is unique, so you should never have more than one LeadiD token per event. But if you do, please review your implementation of the Jornaya campaign script and ensure you have considered the following 

  1. Call Center campaigns should be properly implemented with the Jornaya Call Center campaign script. 

You may be incorrectly using the Jornaya script that is meant for web forms. The call center script contains modifications that generate new tokens based on the activity of call center agents.

Web forms do not provide the same features and will lead to duplicate LeadiDs when implemented in a call center funnel. 

  1. Ensure that our Hidden Input field has a blank value.

The Jornaya campaign script will use this field to store the unique token obtained from our servers. Please ensure that you have not hard coded or prepopulated this field with any value. 

If the value of the input is pre-populated, that token will be assigned to all subsequent lead events.

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