Do I need to set up a different campaign for every source or buyer?


The minimum requirement is that lead generators set-up one campaign for  web forms, and a separate campaign for call centers.  If your company serves multiple verticals there needs to be at least one campaign for each vertical as well. 


What is a Jornaya campaign?

A campaign in Jornaya is a unique implementation script based on the campaign key that offers you the ability to identify different sites and/or call centers. The biggest advantage to having multiple campaigns is being able to view your create data in our Member Portal separately or combined. 

Under the insights tab (see below for screenshots), there is an option on the left-hand side that lets you filter the data and see how your individual campaigns are performing. However, if you would just like to see how all of your websites are doing combined you may use the same campaign code for all of them. 

It's really a matter of preference on how you would like the create data to be seen and just requires an extra step of using or creating a different campaign for each site that you have if you choose to go that route.

For additional help in determining the best set-up, please contact our Support Team.




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