How can I tell if my TCPA disclosure(s) are being captured?

The easiest way to tell if Jornaya is capturing your TCPA disclosure is to view the lead event in the Jornaya Member Portal. *Please note that only the creator of the LeadiD can view this information. If you did not create the lead you cannot use the Jornaya Member Portal to access this detail.

  1. Login to the Jornaya Member Portal (
  2. Navigate to the ‘My LeadiDs’ section under the ‘Campaigns’ tab.
  3. Paste the LeadiD token from the lead event into the search box and click ‘search.’ 

If any disclosures were captured, they will appear at the top of the page, under the ‘TCPA Disclosure’ section. If no disclosures were captured, the text ‘No TCPA disclosure label was found’ will be present under the heading. 

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