My leads are being rejected due to Consent Rule

If a lead is rejected due to the TCPA Guardian responses ‘consent’ or ‘consent_rule,’ it means that the consent which was captured with the matching TCPA disclosure is being flagged by the auditing party for their TCPA Consent rule as set in their Audit profile. 

Auditors can designate disclosure rules based on five responses (definitions below):

  • Consent Actively Provided
  • Consent Passively Provided
  • Consent Passively Declined
  • Consent Actively Declined
  • No Interaction Required on form

To discover why a particular lead failed because of Consent, you should contact your buyer and ask which of their TCPA Guardian Consent responses your lead was flagged for?

Below are definitions of the five different kinds of Consent:

No Interaction required on the form: the user was not required to indicate whether they consent to TCPA or not., such as by clicking a Submit button.

Active Consent: the user proactively selected a consent option

Passive Consent: a consent option was pre-selected for the user

Passive Decline: the user did not provide consent and the consent option was not prepopulated

Active Decline: the user proactively deselected a consent option

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