What if I have multiple TCPA disclosures on my page?

TCPA Guardian can capture multiple TCPA disclosures from the same web page. 

In order for the App to differentiate between disclosures, the id of each disclosure’s input must be unique. To accomplish this, a letter, number, word, or character should be appended to the required id (‘leadid_tcpa_disclosure’). 

For example, the inputs of three different disclosures on a page could appear as follows:

<input type="checkbox" id="leadid_tcpa_disclosure_1"/>

<input type="checkbox" id="leadid_tcpa_disclosure_2"/>

<input type="checkbox" id="leadid_tcpa_disclosure_3"/>


<input type="checkbox" id="leadid_tcpa_disclosure_A"/>

<input type="checkbox" id="leadid_tcpa_disclosure_B"/>

<input type="checkbox" id="leadid_tcpa_disclosure_C"/>


The appended distinguisher could also be an entire word or phrase. The only requirement is that they are unique to each other.

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