How can I test my Jornaya campaign script implementation?

After the Jornaya create script has been implemented on a URL, the easiest way to check if it is working is to login to the Jornaya Member Portal ( and navigate to ‘My LeadiDs’ under the ‘Campaign’ tab. There, all LeadiD tokens created through the account will be present. Clicking on one of the LeadiD tokens will reveal create information about the lead event. 

The orange rows represent automatic calls that occur in order to capture data from the lead event. The white and blue rows represent user interactions. 

Interacting with an input field on a form should generate a new white or blue row. This can be tested by refreshing the member portal after having interacted with a field on the form.

Another way to verify that the Jornaya create script is functioning properly is to observe the network calls when interacting with the web form. There should be several calls to ‘,’ which would indicate that the Jornaya create script is functioning correctly.

For a step-by-step guide (with screenshots), use this article:

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