TCPA Information and Guardian Glossary

What is TCPA? 

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act regulates how proprietors can contact consumers. The number of lawsuits against marketers under the Act has drastically increased. Our TCPA app helps you avoid joining the ranks of those sued or cited for violating the Act. Due to our unique position at the lead event,  Jornaya is able to witness how your providers are remaining compliant with your standards. 

The language on the lead form that you and/or your partners have agreed to display which meets the requirements of your Compliance team(s).  

Indicates how the consumer did or did not consent to the TCPA disclosure 

The kind of interaction the consumer used to communicate their consent. On a page there can be a number of ways the TCPA consent can be acknowledged. For example, a check box, a radio button, or no interaction, just a submit button. 

Compares the TCPA Disclosure font color to the site's background color. We can see the CSS elements on the page and can tell how easy to read the TCPA disclosure was to a consumer based on contrast of colors. 

Identifies size of TCPA Disclosure font. Jornaya is able to see the CCS elements of how a disclosure is displayed, including how large the font is. In the audit response, we return what we saw at the lead event in terms of TCPA disclosure size. 

Evaluates the visual presentation of the TCPA disclosure. Visibility is based on our composite score of the prominence and contrast of the TCPA disclosure. Prominence identifies size of TCPA disclosure font on the page.  Contrast compares the TCPA disclosure’s font color to the site's background color. 

Verifies that a Visual Playback has been captured. Our visual playback technology has the ability to capture all of the elements of the lead event and is able to recreate the event in full. In the event of a consumer complaint, we can release to you the visual playback of what we captured from the lead event. 

Verifies that the Visual Playback has been stored. You know if you have access to a visual recreation of the lead event should a consumer complaint arise in regards to TCPA. 

Overall flag result the for TCPA Guardian response per your settings in the Jornaya Member Portal. The result is a combination of all of the TCPA Guardian elements based on your preferences which have been personalized in your audit profile.  

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