How to prevent tabbed browsing from interfering with LeadiD token creation in call centers

If agents in call center scenarios are working through lead funnels with multiple browser tabs open, the LeadiD token from the first tab will take the place of what should be a different LeadiD token in additional tabs.  
The impact this of this scenario is the LeadiD generated on the second tab, when it is passed to a client, will not reflect the disclosures or actions that the agent took when on that second tab. This could then end up resulting in a rejection either for not having TCPA labels or for a being disclosure mismatch.   
Proposed solution:
There are two components to creating a solution we believe will resolve the issue any time it is related to the user having multiple tabs open:
1) The hidden input should be placed on all pages that the agent navigates through. 
<input id="leadid_token" name="universal_leadid" type="hidden" value="">
2) On the first page after LeadiD script has loaded, create a new cookie using a name that is unique to that session.
  1. Next, set the value of the cookie equal to the LeadiD token which was generated on page load. 
  2. Once the agent navigates to the next page, set the value of the leadid_token hidden input to be equal to the value that was set in that new cookie (should be the LeadiD for the session). 
  3. As long as the leadid_token input is populated with the LeadiD from the first page, our script will register all user actions and disclosures that are displayed to that LeadiD, instead of the wrong LeadiD that was originally generated on a different tab.
For example, you may have a call center application session cookie already set that is unique.  If you create a new cookie called LeadiD-value_of_unique_call_center_session and set the value of that cookie equal to the LeadiD that was generated on page load, you would then use the value of this cookie to populate the leadid_token hidden input on any subsequent pages the user visits during that session.
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