How do I get set-up with the Jornaya Campaign script?

Please use the following steps as a guide to getting started with the Jornaya Campaign script so you can begin generating LeadiD tokens.

1. SIGN UP: Go to the link to sign up for an account. Once approved, look for an email that will provide you further details on how to access the member portal or use the link

2. CREATE CAMPAIGN: To create a new campaign log into the portal and navigate to Campaigns--> My Campaigns, click the button to “Add new {type} Campaign”, enter a name, select the Industry and Save it.   Below you will find a  video link explaining how to create a new campaign by  Note: Please ensure you designate the campaign as a call center or web campaign.

3. RETRIEVE CAMPAIGN CODE: Once the campaign is created you will need to get the campaign code that will be implemented within your website or call center. The link below shows a video of how to do this.

4. ADD CODE TO SITES: Insert your campaign code onto your website or call center. The LeadiD token is generated in a hidden form field within the form which is where you will be able to pull the LeadiD token from. Be sure to also follow the instructions to set up labels around your TCPA disclosure by following the instructions on the bottom half of the campaign code page.

Note: For call centers please make sure to follow step 3 in the directions for the campaign code as it is vital to the call center implementation.

5. TESTING: Use these articles to test your implementation. 

6. POSTING LEADS: If you are selling leads, coordinate with your buyers on how to include the unique LeadiD Token generated with each lead when you post leads to them.

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