Why am I seeing duplicate LeadiD tokens?

Duplicates exist in the lead ecosystem

    • The nature of the buying and selling of leads allows the possibility of the same LeadiD token            being sold and/or bought from multiple parties
    • If this is happening on a small percent of your leads this is likely the cause

Jornaya API call happening more than once

    • Depending on how the API call is setup, the LeadiD token might be getting audited more than          once
    • If this is happening on a regular basis for every single token then this is most likely the case

Implementation error by the creator of the LeadiD token

    • If a Call Center is the source of the lead, our reset script must be placed on the first page of the        funnel so that we may identify when a new LeadiD token should be issued
        • When the reset script is not present, the same LeadiD token will be present for different leads
    • Whomever the generator of the lead is should review Step 3 of our Campaign Code                          implementation
    • If you do not know who created the lead, please advise your Provider of the suspected issue
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